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Janet’s story

June 15, 2011

“For me, it’s completely changed my life”.

I was a housewife and retired and didn’t do anything.  I started timebanking and went to the Timebanking conference in Blackpool and met some lovely people. I was really inspired by the changes it made to people’s lives.

At home I helped with a survey to see if people wanted to learn about how to grow vegetables, and from that Diane started Growing Newsome, which I got involved in as well.

So because I earned time credits I got some payback and another timebanking member helped me learn how to send emails. Then I helped at the luncheon club.

Timebanking members cleared this area, I helped plant it up. The idea is that people will be able to help themselves to the plants and herbs that we grow.

As a result of this I’ve helped reunite the local tenants and residents association which I’m quite involved with and had the confidence to go on to do various courses.

I have never taken a proper exam in my life but timebanking gave me the confidence to go on to get my certificate in Leadership and Management.

I can be an example to people who think they can’t do anything – because you can.

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