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What we learned

June 16, 2011

“What makes us tick” showed us the power that comes from people working together on what matters to them.

We saw how this power together can be used to:

• encourage people to take action in their own neighbourhood
• build a sense of belonging for more and more people
• fulfill people’s desire to show they care and make a difference

From the personal experiences shared during “What makes us tick”, we identified the themes around which people had built a shared sense of belonging:

The neighbourhood, its buildings and shared spaces:

• The community speaking up and taking action when others have plans for their neighbourhood.
• Helping each other to grow food.
• Creating and sharing gardens.

The actions of vulnerable people being a catalyst, creating opportunities for others in a neighbourhood:

• By taking action to support local campaigns.
• Helping each other.
• Being at the heart of a community.

Opportunities for people to come together, celebrate and share what they are passionate about:

• The history shared through living in the same neighbourhood.
• Their faith.
• Bringing up children together.
• Looking out for vulnerable people.

And the example of one person saying: “I’m not having this.”

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